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Phone: 803-328-2134
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Mailing/Billing Address: PO Box 12238, Rock Hill, SC 29731


Who We Are...

All stemming from a sixteen year old girls mission to share love and to reach out to others who are in need, Emmanuel Church of the Nazarene and the family of Emily Elkins have worked together to share the love that Emily was dedicated to sharing and in return initiate the development of  Emily’s House!

Emily’s House is a model that will be unique to any other in our area. Emily’s House is not just your typical homeless shelter or community center; we are a turning point for the members of our community who find themselves at our door step. When individuals come to Emily’s House, we plan for them to receive the shelter that they need, along with being provided with the resources in our area that will allow us the opportunity to work together with them to get them reconnected back in the community.

Emily’s House is working with various local agencies and businesses to help us to be able to provide the best care for each individual that we come into contact with. Just as Emily saw the need and importance of reaching out to others, showing love, and teaching them about her Faith, we are taking the example that was set by this sixteen year old girl and making a turning point for others.

We are in need of your support and any assistance that you can provide to Emily’s House. Emily’s House has been developed as a ministry of Pastor Jonathan W. Pannell III and Emmanuel Church of the Nazarene in Rock Hill, South Carolina. All funding and assistance that is donated to Emily’s House is designated directly and solely to the works and operation of Emily’s House.  We sincerely thank you for your generosity, and pray that God will bless you for your donation and support!

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feel free to reach out by contacting our church office at any time at 803.328.2134


Emily's House is a Mission of Jonathan Pannell Ministries and a Compassionate Ministry of Emmanuel Church of the Nazarene 


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Rev. Jonathan W. Pannell III
Senior Pastor

Emmanuel Church of the Nazarene
Founder / Director for Emily's House