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November 1, 2019, 12:00 AM

We Really Need Each Other...

In the book “Invitation to the Journey”, Mulholland states, “Corporate spirituality is a name for our spiritual pilgrimage together in the church” (Mulholland 167). One of the most significant things that I have observed in my journey in ministry is that “we really need each other”. This is something that has been burdening me for some time now, I have seen the overall rise and fall in church attendance, the people who don’t desire to worship together, and then I also have seen those who are at the church every time the door is unlocked. Mulholland wrote, “others need the gift of our preference type in their growth toward wholeness. We need the gifts of others’” (Mulholland 168). I understand that people at times get to a place where they cannot physically worship through their emotions, pain, burdens, and brokenness. What I see is that we need each other during these times in our lives. I want to encourage you to attend corporate worship each week, it’s important. Worship services are our way of coming together and praising our Lord, it is also a time for us to unite as the Body of Christ, to fellowship, to worship, and to lift up each other when we are weak. Think about it this way, some Sundays when you praise it’s not for you as much as it’s for the people you are carrying through worship who are too weak, too broken to worship at that time.

In a month inspired by the theme of “Thanksgiving” I ask you each day this month to give thanks for our church family, we are truly blessed to have such a wonderful church. On each bulletin the front reads “We’re not just a church, We’re a Family”. I find this to be true, and I am thankful for each of you!

Pastor Jonathan Pannell III

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