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December 20, 2019, 11:07 AM

Faith, Hope, and Love...

In John 5, there is an amazing story of healing that took place near the pool of Bethesda. This story involves a man who was disabled for thirty-eight years.

During Jesus’ ministry He has made it clear that He has a heart for the people. Jesus is the illustration of God’s love, and through Jesus’ ministry God’s love and mercy has been reflected to His people. It is not unlike Jesus to travel out of His way or to an unusual place to meet someone in need. The scripture found in John 5 reveals Jesus as he sought out a man with a life long illness, who appears to have some faith left but lacks hope.

It can be stated that “God’s love never fails”. In John 5 we read of a man who all of his life was in a state of disability. This man who we know has had an illness longer than some may have even lived but continued to stay in an area known as a “place of mercy”. The faith an hope of many may be tried and run low from time to time, however it is evident that when we keep the Faith, that God is an on time God and shows up just in time.

If we were to be in this man’s shoes for the length of time that he was ill, would we still have a hope of healing? Remaining in an area where healing could be possible but has not be received over a life-time of illness. Could hope be held on to for such a period of time in patiently waiting for a miracle to happen before death would be certain.

Scripture states that the man was at the “Pool of Bethesda” this is significant in the fact that the word Bethesda is translated to “place of mercy”. Our take away from this passage is that we must remain in a “place of mercy” for our determination will not go unnoticed. 

Pastor Jonathan Pannell III

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